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Mains Dual Head Clippers Show Bundle

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  • Mains Show Special
  • Master Mains Dual Head Clippers
Comes with interchangeable heads,
Rough Head for Sheep and Cattle (standard comb and cutter )and  Wolsley blade Compatible Fine Head
  • Eropro Hush Dual Head Clippers
Comes with interchangeable heads 
Rough Head for Sheep and Cattle (standard comb and cutter )and  Heinigher  blade Compatible Fine Head
  • ErgoPro Handy Trimmer
Comes Fitted with 10F blade suitable for very fine Clipping
7F/ 5F/ 4F blades available
  • American Nose Leader
  • Hiatts Nose Leader
  • Dagging Blades set
Price: €300.00
In Stock
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  • Clippers with Sheep/ Cattle Head attached
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Product Details



Your choice of Dual Head Mains Clippers , Handy Trimmers and a choice of a free add-on 

Amazing Value at €300.00


Choose from the Amazing Dual Head Hush Clippers and the Very Popular Master Dual Head Clippers


Each Clippers comes with a Sheep/Cattle head and a Horse Head, 

Fitted with the Sheep/Cattle head you can clip Backs/Tails/Dag and Shear or switch to the Fine head for Heads / Udders and the finer details for showing or Clip the Horse or Pony.


Coupled with the Handy II Trimmers ..............we've got your show clipping and everyday clipping covered.



There's More



Grab yourself a Hiatts or American Nose leader or a free Set of Dagging (rough) blades for your clippers free of  charge.



Free Delivery, 12 months Warranty.