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15th Oct 2018

Dog coat types can vary greatly from one breed to the next, so it’s important to know what type of coat your dog has so that you’ll know to groom it correctly. This infographic explains how to g … read more

What You Need To Know About Dog Ownership

22nd Feb 2018

Caring for a dog is one of the best things you can do, with you and your pooch likely to form a strong bond and provide each other with many happy moments. It also comes with a lot of responsibi … read more

The Complete Beginners’ Guide to Knitting

5th Jan 2018

Knitting is a wonderful skill to learn and allows you to flex your creative muscles to make some fantastic garments or decorations. This infographic explains some of the basic knitting techniques an … read more

Clever Crafter’s Guide to Wool

11th Sep 2015

Crafting has become more popular than ever, as new waves of crafters begin to knit and crochet every day, turning to websites like yours for guidance. As Ireland’s premier suppliers of sheep shearing … read more