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Longhorn 3.2 Complete Shearing Outfit (12v)

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  • Longhorn 3.2 Complete Shearing Outfit (12v)
  • Longhorn 3.2 Complete Shearing Outfit (12v)
  • Longhorn 3.2 Complete Shearing Outfit (12v)
  • Longhorn 3.2 Complete Shearing Outfit (12v)
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Product Details

Speed 3200 RPM
Electrical Input 12v DC
Permanent Magnet Yes
Starting Current 13 Amps


    • Now with our EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.
    • For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.
    • Runs at 3,200 RPM.
  • Shears just like mains shearing machines.

This kit includes everything you need for full time shearing:

    • Longhorn® shearing machine
    • Heavy duty flexi drive
    • Horner SureGrip handpiece
    • 3 Longhorn combs and 6 Longhorn cutters
    • Ferrule
    • Bottle of SAE 30 Handpiece oil
    • Screwdriver
  • Longhorn® Bracket Adapter

100% Made in UK

Shear from a spare vehicle battery, and recharge overnight. The Longhorn® 3.2 has shorn 345 sheep from a spare Land Rover battery before recharging.
(draws around 11 amps per hour).

Alternatively you can clip directly on to your vehicle battery and shear. No need to have the engine running whilst shearing. Run the engine for 5 minutes every 2 to 3 hours to keep the battery topped up.

Can be used direct from mains when used with our Longhorn® Transformer which converts from 240 volts AC to 12 volts DC.

Full 2 year guarantee. This is a very reliable shearing machine